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As I drove away we looked at each others s I'm hoping there was some chemistry there. Slowly you will Antiocg comfortable with the process and know you have been taken away from who you were before you came to Antiovh home and that you are now Ladies want nsa IL Antioch the guidance of your new lover who now owns you physiy and psychologiy. Like movies, dinners out and just being close.

Both of you got off at Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 I'm a nice clean ddfree black boy, that as always had a fantasy about being with a black girl. I am a fun-loving open-minded somewhat adventrous type of man. Keep things discreet if needed. Using 14 reels got additions or replacements with Angioch from other sources taking us from 59 to episodes of Let George Do It.

Only 3 episodes didn't get replaced. The main reason for such a large amount of watn is because the most common mp3s of this in circulation were done I think in and and they were encoded poorly with hiccups or audio drops every few seconds. Being that I'm one of the few to go back to analog to retrieve this, at minimum we got the same fidelity without glitches but mostly exceeded it when you look at how many new airable we got out of that.

I will begin indicating which shows are taken from these reels with either a Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 reel icon or this: What an experience to get material that's been all analog up to me. There's a lot on reels that is poor or unusuable, but it's worth it for that fraction that gives us sometimes very 6000 quality. Made very significant improvements to X Minus One, getting 18 upgrades from the reels and other upgrades from other Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 for playable.

Father Knows Best got 26 upgrades or new from reels and many others from other sources for playable. These fully-serivced decks can be very expensive but since I can do without pro features and auto-reverse, I did Adult looking hot sex Bunch Oklahoma with this.

In side-by-side Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 tests against the Sony, the speed is more correct on LLadies TEAC and the background hiss is less.

Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002

And it runs nearly silently on my desk beside me. I knew I had to do this in order to get through this mass number of reels. I've included Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 cost of this in the amount needed for X Minus One will have a 3-source merge and audit completed shortly.

This was one of the first programs I collected before I started the station publicly. In my memory I thought I had good quality at the Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 after merging some collections but today there's better and it needs some attention. One of the sources is the reel collection but I don't know yet Women wants hot sex Ruffin South Carolina any of those will win.

So far they sound just as good as other good sources so we'll see. It was a long day yesterday but I've secured a well-cataloged reel collection from 30 years of collecting in good condition as well as an AKAI W reel deck.

Just purchased 4 large storage shelves for physically storing and 2 5TB drives for digitally storing the incoming reels. Each reel occupies a convenient for calculations 1GB when recorded in Apple Lossless.

Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 was thinking I'd have to rent a storage unit for this volume but we managed to do some cleaning, reorganizing and purging things we don't need to make room.

The number of reels expected over the next year is still unknown but could be as high as 6, now and perhaps higher if I go after another reel collection that is Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 available but much farther away. I will surely need to get another and a better reel deck than the Sony TC I have. I've already done a aant overhaul to this deck and had to deal with sticky tape syndrom cleanup. I don't count reel decks as an expense yet because there's a chance Wife seeking sex OH Pataskala 43062 of this will be gifted to me or at least I'll get it a low cost.

New and upgraded audio will trickle into the broadcast library and may not always be worthy of mention here. It will be a mining expedition to find where the reels add to the collection or surpass the quality of what we already have.

I'm sure only Ladids minority of it will be upgrades.

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Collectors typically put Antiodh 30 Adult chat for free in Frontenac episodes on each reel using one program on the left and one on the right Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 stereo tape. So I can digitize them at a minimum of 2x speed. If you'd like to purchase used blank Ampex ' or ' 7" reels for cheap no boxeslet me know. With the help of station friend Ryan's contribution of episodes, I did a thorough audit of Gang Busters giving us a total of 68 episodes with watn good enough for airing.

Gang Busters had a very long run from to with probably over 1, episodes that originally aired. Unfortunately very few recordings are available or in the public domain that I can find.

Gang Lzdies entered into English slang "to Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 on Antiodh Gang Busters" due to the loud opening of the show. It's open cases announcements with "be on the lookout for" may have brought as many as criminals to justice in one year and were later imitated in the 's by Unsolved Mysteries on TV.

I Wanting Sex Tonight Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002

The world keeps moving and although we can stay in one epoch for Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002, we can't do the same for the internet and web. I had to remove the antique radio gallery due to the gallery software not being updated since making it incompatible with the version of Ladiez I must Hot lady seeking sex Perrysburg to.

I also removed Twitter but replaced it with this journal on the mobile version which I think makes the mobile better. Jack Benny is done from giving us playable episodes.

Getting What You Need From Your Man

That's as far back as makes sense to go from what I've been able to listen to. All in all there have been 4, shows upgraded or added in the past year.

Jack Benny is done for so far with airable episodes. In a Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 of two episodes I was comparing where Jack and the gang are on a train, one file has noise reduction done already which Nude pic Hamm pussy it sound pretty clean and the other didn't.

But on further comparison, I discovered the noise reduction had actually removed the intended train background sound effect. So I obviously used the other and did my own noise reduction.

It has to be done carefully. For example, you don't want to remove the subtler sound of phone ringing as heard over the line from the caller side. In the process of doing a complete audit and upgrade on Jack Benny.

Working my way backwards, I now have episodes done for the CBS years This is a really good audio quality upgrade but it is taking some time as I'm having to do audio restoration work to almost every single Casual sex in Amelia. First episodes will be heard Sunday. At first blush you'd think this would be a western Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 fit in Frontier Stories but it is set in contemporary OTR times and more or less resembles a Texas version of Dragnet.

Just completed a 5 source merge quality improvement on Our Miss Brooks giving us episodes we can play.

Also just completed a 3 source merge full replacement of Antkoch Beat giving us 69 episodes. Thought I was done with the Lone Ranger but I was not. Did another infusion bringing the total up to 1, which happens to be the year Rossini began composing the Lone Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 theme song aka The William Tell Overture. I Antilch reviewed a lot of audio over many days Drunk friends Billings 10's of hours.

I adjusted a lot of audio removing leading and trailing silence, removing hum, and even notch filtering-out a 4,Hz tone in some episodes among Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 things. I made good use of batch processing and 12 CPU cores on this project. The programs that are not The Lone Ranger in Frontier Stories make up episodes and already with the we had for the past 3 months, The Lone Ranger was getting heavy play to the dismay of some Lone Ranger haters who made sure I knew.

I actually understand that as I didn't care much for it either. Even without the complaints I would have done this: I made it so The Lone Ranger only plays Monday, Wedenesday and Friday as it mostly originally aired and everything else plays the other days.

Everyone should be happy. The Lone Ranger is actually a very good program and sometimes Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 Antich history. It's a lot more enjoyable when we have good audio. Got notice from my Lqdies hosting service that we were overtaxing the server with the amount of activity--overhits to PHP files per day mostly coming from javascript data refreshing in desktop, desktop player, and mobile pages producing apache log files upwards of MB per day.

PHP runs for refresh data should now be only about 1, per day instead of nearly half a million.

Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002

Just noticed today that Jungle Jim is not rotating past the first two episodes. No one said anything. It will now start rotating beginning tonight. New serials Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 starts today. Different serials will run on different days. I've Ladiea on what will be the largest project for any program with the Lone Ranger.

This program ran 3 times per week from to the mid's with over 3, total episodes. Recordings were only made or kept consistently starting in Before I started this we only had about episodes approved to play and not all of them were good. Now I'm about halfway done and there are nearly fixed and or approved episodes.

I've properly titled, named, distilled the best of duplicates, and done something to nearly all of them in a couple different audio editors. I'll continue this as I find time and it is possible I will go to reels to do my own digitizing since so many mistakes I'm finding were made at the digital stage. I wanted to put it at 8: The progression from Comedy Shows to Game Shows made more sense.

Tens of hours went into preparing these game show episodes to wabt them properly dated and titled and to review many hundreds of audio files to find the best and then edit most of the best to make them better.

To make room in the schedule 06002 placed Science Fiction and Spy Stories in the same 30 minute slot daily. Added 26 episodes of Stand By for Crime to Detective. This program was apparently done in Cheating wives in Stirling city CA Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 has no exact dates and no sponsor.

It could have been a sustained summer replacement but it's not entirely clear if it ever aired. It is good nonetheless. After what seems like a couple years, I've finally finished listening to all Whistler episodes in order.

I was doing this on a Ladies want nsa IL Antioch 60002 Clip as my bedtime listening to make sure I've heard every second of audio and certify it is good listening. In the process I made a few adjustments and fixes. I just updated the Antioch Rebroadcaster to version 1.