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I gained my undergraduate degree in Marine Sciences Southampton, and an MSc in Ecosystems Analysis and Governance Warwick,where I undertook novel research on the potential use of parasites to identify populations of a coastal benthic shark.

Ten years later I undertook Bangor's first ever PhD by Published Works on the taxonomy, diversity and fisheries of the sharks and rays Looking for dk in Bangor the Persian Gulf graduated At Bangor I provide guest teaching on elasmobranch biodiversity, fisheries, and conservation for the 3rd year undergraduate module ' Sharks and their Relatives Women looking real sex Meadow Lakes, and recently developed a successful lab practical on the identification of elasmobranchs and their fins.

I also provide guest teaching to MSc students, and am involved with MSc projects on elasmobranchs. My research complements a double-life Lookibg a marine ecologist outside of academia, where I have gained invaluable 'real-world' experience in two main phases.

The first of these was conducting extensive fieldwork, from the intertidal to far offshore, on fish Looking for dk in Bangor benthos UK, Ireland, Kuwait, UAE, Caspian, Falkland Islands, USA, Australiaand analysing the data collected grab samples of benthos, drop-down camera imagery of habitat, fish catches.

In I set up and ran a benthic monitoring program of Gulf War oil spills in Kuwait. The second phase, sincehas been largely desk-based assessment of the environmental impacts of a wide range of major coastal and marine developments inc.

I have special responsibility for benthos, fish and shellfish, and nature conservation aspects, and I have undertaken Women with Topeka waists Environmental Impact Assessments, Habitats Regulations Assessments, one of the first detailed Marine Conservation Zone Assessments, and a Critical Habitat Assessment. I have also Looking for dk in Bangor fish ecology expertise at an Oral Hearing for Nationally Significant Lookjng Project Rampion offshore wind farm.

I have assessed and mitigated impacts to sensitive habits such as Sabellaria and seagrass, and species like seahorses, and nesting areas of black bream and turtles.

Broadly, my research examines marine biodiversity and how this Looking for dk in Bangor with humans, with the aim of informing conservation and sustainable management. To date my work has focused on the elasmobranch fishes sharks and rays in the Arabian region, but I am interested in wider marine vertebrate conservation science, particularly in the developing world. Skip to main content Skip to section menu.

School of Ocean Sciences. Moore, A' Identification of critical habitat in a data-poor area for an Endangered aquatic apex predator.

Moore, A' Are guitarfishes the next sawfishes? Bwngor risk and an urgent call for conservation action ' Endangered Species Researchvol. Triakidae ' Journal of Fish Biologyvol.

Moore, A' A review of sawfishes Pristidae in the Arabian region: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystemsvol. Myliobatidae from the Indo—West Pacific ' Zootaxavol.

Dasyatidae from the Persian Gulf ' Zootaxavol. Moore, A' The smalleye stingray Dasyatis microps Myliobatiformes: Dasyatidae in the Gulf ' Zoology in the Middle Eastvol.

Moore, A' Metazoan parasites of the lesser-spotted dogfish Scyliorhinus canicula and their potential as stock discrimination tools ' Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdomvol.