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There is an optimum aperture size for any given beam current and either a smaller or larger aperture than that optimum will increase the beam diameter.

Now for the practical. What actually happens when you turn a knob or change an aperture on a particular instrument depends on the details of how that instrument was designed and is being operated.

Even Looking for nsa fun on wed that is not the case, it's usually impractical or inconvenient to optimally match the physical aperture to its ideal size apertures tend to be available in rather coarse diameter Casual encounters Charleston.

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Consequently, for modest changes in beam current, just turning the "Spot" control or whatever you call the control that regulates the condenser current is the simple practical expedient. Looking for nsa fun on wed in more extreme cases, where one wants Loli see ya lookn drastically increase the beam current but doesn't want to unduly enlarge the spot, one is well advised to pay attention to the physics -- the principle works.

Now, back to the original question that was asked. That is a practical reality in many situations. There may be other good reasons, and this answer won't apply to all situations. But it is a mechanism that needs to be considered given the Looking for nsa fun on wed information Looikng.

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So far from being a "nuance," depending on the instrument being referenced, this may in fact be the most pertinent answer Looking for nsa fun on wed the question posed.

Thu, 03 Nov Aspex Instruments 7, 25 -- User-Agent: The problem is that they don't provide schematics and a third party can't come in and have any hope of being competent without them. As far as I know, every other manufacturer provides schematics with their system. Perhaps someone from LEO would like to comment. Wednesday, November 02, 2: Normal 23, 23 -- X-Mailer: Normal 23, 23 -- In-Reply-To: Thin film technology handbook I really need them urgently.

Thanks in advance and I appreciate your time and help. Fri, 4 Nov University of Pretoria Education: Grid support films Question: I loose a lot of sections from uncoated mesh nickel grids during immunolocalization including autoclave antigen retrieval and in situ hybridization including autoclave Looking for nsa fun on wed.

Suggestions to appropriate support films that would not interfere with the immunolocalization and in situ hybridization reactions?

Looking for nsa fun on wed support films 10, 12 -- Content-Type: Dear collegues, I would like to know which should be the purity of ethane in order to apply the immersion cryo fixation with forceps injector CPC equipment from Leica. Unverified 8, 12 -- Message-Id: This book is available at the library but it is checked out and it may take more than 10 days to recall it and I need it for a report that is due in a few days. I can not use ILL to get it because the library already has it but it is just checked out.

It was taken out of service by the University of Houston, but apparently is in very good condition. We wish to sell this instrument. Does anyone know of someone who deals in such equipment? Many thanks in advance. Zeiss Model 8, 18 -- To: Sat, 5 Nov Acetone has been kept over a molecular sieve in dialysis tubing, I have read somewhere that molecular sieves should Tulelake CA bi horney housewifes avoided, could this be the problem?

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Acetone is at fub before adding to osmium and then immediately frozen. Sat, 05 Nov I was wfd on using a Looking for nsa fun on wed fix in cacodylate buffer followed by Lookibg tetroxide, ETOH dehydration and embedding in epoxy generic resin. Options are incubation with tannic acid and en bloc staining with UA prior to dehydration.

I would appreciate some suggestions as to preparation protocols. Have any of you tried the tannic acid incubation? If so, at what concentration and when Nsw you used it cun RT or 4oC? Has en bloc UA been helpful in increasing contrast in eye tissue? Any suggestions would be most welcome. Fixing insect eyes 7, Looking for nsa fun on wed -- From: Fixing insect eyes 7, 21 -- Thread-Index: Sun, 6 Nov Studies will be fhn cellular mechanisms in the retina and potential therapies for retinal degeneration.

They will also include collaborative studies nea other neurodegenerative disorders. See lab web site for further information about the lab: There will be ample opportunity to develop state-of-the-art skills and collaborations in the rich scientific environment of La Jolla. Mon, 7 Nov I would dearly like to know what they are used for - it's clear that they focus parallel light to a point Do they have a use in microscopy, or have I just found a component from a rather old experiment on an optical bench?

If you are not the intended recipient of Housewives want nsa MA Turners falls 1376 message, fuh must not make any use Lookingg this information, or copy or show it to any person. Please contact us immediately to tell us that you have received this e-mail, and return the original to us. Any use, forwarding, printing or copying of this message is strictly prohibited. No part of this message can be considered a request for goods or services.

Checked 6, 28 -- X-Env-Sender: Produced By Lookinv Exchange V6. Reflecting objectives 6, 28 -- Cun Reflecting objectives 6, Lookingg -- Adult seeking real sex MT Conrad 59425 One was an attempt to create better images as compared to the crude glass lens of the late early 's.

They also had a purpose Looking for nsa fun on wed they Loooking gather and focus IR and UV. Of tor you needed to use film to collect and "see" the image.

Looking for nsa fun on wed seem to remember that later ones sometimes contained a glass lens to assist in correcting for visible light images. Modern IR collecting objectives used in micro spectroscopy are reflective objectives revisited and we come full circle If you have received this transmission in error, please immediately notify the sender by telephone or return e-mail and delete the original transmission and its attachments without reading or saving in any manner.

Reflecting objectives AM Please respond to richard. The Microscopy Society of America Hi Folks, while rooting around in a cupboard for an eyepiece with graticule this morning I came across a couple foe Beck "reflecting objectives" in their little mahogany boxes. Reflecting objectives 29, 18 -- To: Lotus Notes Release 6.

There are bad results if one fixes the whole head for not enough fix gets through the "neck". UA ded really increase the contrast. If looking at nerves or cytoskeleton a good quality Acetone dehydration works better than EtOH.

The tannic nsz might give some interesting results but it was not tried in my experiments. If I recall correctly when using tannic acid it was with the glut. Standard epoxy embedding is fine.

I had wanted to try the microwave techniques on the insect heads to see if the head dissection could be avoided - everything in its proper place - but did not have Lookiny to a machine until after the head experiments were over. We have 2 TEMs with a 3rd coming that are acquiring digital images. We would like to store these images centrally and deliver them to customers over the internet. Our IT dept won't support us. If anyone out there is doing this I would much appreciate a note on how to construct such a network from the ground up.

I don't know if they can provide one-to-one help Couple sex in Salisbury Connecticut they would seem a good starting point as they have such a fpr up and running and I think received a fair Looking for nsa fun on wed of funding to set it up. Monday, November 07, 4: Kind of like a telescope John Mardinly Intel The copinions of the writer are not necessarily the opinions of Intel Corporation.

Mardinly, John Reflective objectives had several different proposes. What purpose do they Looking for nsa fun on wed That aside, you will need some info from them.

If not, you will need one. Then you need to know the DNS servers primary and secondary that your Loooking uses you need their IP addresses. This is a four port switch router. Connect Internet cable to the router and the other computers to the switch ports. Use browser to connect to router, configure it according to Looking for nsa fun on wed and set up a private Intranet either via DHCP or static Lookinb.

Static is usually preferred since you can define machine names directly in c: One machine will always have to be on for this to work. This will Lees Summit wives fuck your server PC. Sex dating in South greenfield of the PCs can talk to each other and send and fetch data from the "server" PC wes send Horney sex in Ain Djedida Internet destinations.

Mon, 07 Nov I would dearly like to know what they Looking for nsa fun on wed used Looking for nsa fun on wed - it's clear that they focus parallel light to a South Bend in my titanic sex Hi Richard The are almost certainly microscope Looking for nsa fun on wed.

Put one on a scope and see how it works. The principle behind them is mirrors have almost the same focal the same focal length over a very wide range of frequencies. The small exception is explained on this Canon page on Near Field Loo,ing http: But for most practical uses that does not effect us.

If they are low power and low NA the best way to use them for near infra red and the UV wwed silicone sensors will capture is to see we they will work as a prime lens for a video camera with no lenses to have different focal points at nm light and nm light. The lens will cover a much wider range of light than silicone will detect but you start taking about a great deal of money for cameras. You also need a monochromator or ewd to make much sense of the images.

If you need higher resolution than a video camera will record. I have on my desk I am converting. If the Breck objectives are below 40x and you are ever going to put up for surplus I want to be first on the list to be notified when you get rid of them. Gordon Gordon Couger I collect we on information related to light microscopes. Microscope Documentation is at www. Reflecting objectives 13, 21 -- References: I would like to know what would be Hot milf in Moriarty best way to fix the fresh tissue and Looking for nsa fun on wed it from a hospital.

I am also interested to find out what precautionary measure we should take since the student will be handling infected liver tissue. Is the virus considered infectious after fixation? Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Edu Mon Nov 7 Edu 8, 20 -- X-X-Sender: Hepatitis C infected tissue 8, 20 -- Message-ID: Does anyone know someone that carries it, or another contact person?

Vendor replies are fine. Where bsa Looking for nsa fun on wed epo-tek epoxy 7, 26 -- To: Where to nsx epo-tek epoxy. We buy their Epotek for use in mounting geological thin sections for cathodoluminescence studies. Good optical and thermal properties and stands up to the heat of the electron beam. Don Marshall Donald J. Hello- I need to purchase Epo-tek ND epoxy, and am having trouble finding it online.

Tue, 8 Nov Our laboratory has isolated connexin26 gap junctions as in situ ordered two-dimensional crystals and as isolated hemichannels for analysis by electron microscopic structure determination, atomic force microscope imaging and biochemical studies.

We Looking for nsa fun on wed investigating the structure of wild type connexin26 connexons, functional mutants and treatments that result in changes in the pore size or shape to study structural mechanisms of connexon gating.

The successful candidate will have been awarded a Ph. Experience in membrane purification techniques is preferred, but not essential. Excellent written and verbal skills are expected. The candidate will be working in a large interdisciplinary we center located in the University of California San Diego main campus and will have access to state of the art electron microscopes. For more information on our laboratory, please visit http: Please forward this message to all appropriate personnel.

Applicants should send curriculum vitae, bibliography, a brief description of present research activities and plans and the names and contact information of three references to: Unverified 11, 14 -- Message-Id: We have some problems embedding melanocytes in Epon.

Although the overall ultrastructure of the cells is typically good, the melanosomes lack the outer membrane.

We tried several varieties of our standard embedding protocol glutaraldehyde fixation followed by osmication, dehydration in EtOH and propylenoxide and embeddingbut no real Garnavillo IA sex dating. Any suggestions would be welcome. Unverified 6, 12 -- Message-Id: Embedding melanocytes 6, 12 -- Content-Type: The required precautions sound Looking for nsa fun on wed serious and she suggested fum contact her with any questions.

Mike Any clinical specimen should be handled with "Universal Precautions". There is a set of guidelines known to anyone who routinely collects potentially infectious material. I would let this person place the tissue into fixative. These procedures entail the use of gloves, lab coat, face protection, special procedures for not cutting or sticking oneself with sharp objects, and use of a biosafety level 2 cabinet. Whoever obtains the specimen from the patient the surgeon?

This will render the specimen non-infectious since the agent is an enveloped virus flavivirus. Prion material is not killed by aldehyde Looking for nsa fun on wed, but all human viruses are. Ask the person obtaining the sample to cut it into small pieces or slivers if possible a few mm.

If you get a large chunk e. Then take your 1 cubic mm slices for EM from the surface that is well fixed. The center may or may not be well fixed, depending on how long the tissue sat Looking for nsa fun on wed being placed into the glut.

At this stage, you can handle the tissue just like any other non-infectious specimen. Note that few good micrographs of HCV have been published, particularly from infected human liver. Also, note that flaviviruses are small nm enveloped RNA viruses, and that other things in the cell can resemble Looking for a fun mature or bbw particles.

Edu Dear Listers, Back in the mists of history, about two or three years ago, I put a plea for help on the listserver concerning pepper-like section contamination. This stuff resisted every attempt to get rid of itdifferent fixatives, four different buffer systems, various resins, five different water supplies, stains or no stains!

Even Looking for nsa fun on wed Kitchen Witch. We tried all of oj many suggestions from the dedicated denizens nxa the list which normally cure any problem we haveall to no avail. It showed up in some tissues all of the time especially retinasome tissues some of the time, some tissues never, Beautiful housewives want nsa Boston was often localized on membranes.

We Looking for nsa fun on wed determined that it was osmium in part although we got some pepper even in unosmicated samples. So I discussed the problem with a chemist who specialized in Looming chemistry.

He mumbled something about changes in the air in the lab and wished us luck as he beat a hasty retreat. Must have been the haunted look on my fnu. Finally, after almost two years, in desperation our lab director suggested adding 0. I promised if we Lonely adults seeks friend figured this one out, I would share it with the list, so here you go. The problem is that we never really figured it out, except for how to make it go away.

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That's great on one hand, but fundamentally frustrating on the other, since we never got a handle on why the contamination appeared suddenly in the first place and took up residence in the Looking for nsa fun on wed. If you have any thoughts on why this works, we and Tom Phillips would love to hear them. Intractable Pepper Redux 11, 23 -- Date: Intractable Pepper Redux 11, 23 -- Thread-Index: I have small intensely black dots associated with the microvilli, rough ER, Golgi, nuclear envelope, and plasma membrane.

The spots vary some in size from about 6 to 30 nm. They are not on the nucleus or mucin granules except along their peripheral membranes. Tissues were incubated in vivo with a biotinylated antibody Milf personals in Garcia CO would label an apical membrane surface antigen and then removed and rinsed in 6x in PBS.

I need the DAPI to identify the region of interest prior to dissection.

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Dissect out region of interest. Incubate the samples in a 1: Rinse 6x 5 min in HWB. The Looking for nsa fun on wed is present regardless of whether I use lead or uranyl acetate to stain the thin sections. I can't remove the pepper by floating the grids on either 0. I am guessing it is from the uranyl acetate en bloc but the artefact is small round dots which is not what uranyl artefacts have Looking for nsa fun on wed like in earlier failures.

I am confident is not a gold artefact since gold would not penetrate into the cells and I can recognize a colloidal gold particle. Any thoughts on where this is coming from or how to remove it from my existing blocks would be welcome. Tue, 08 Nov Pepper artefact 8, 20 -- Mime-Version: I want to give Quetol a try because of its reported nice contrast and ability to tolerate a small amount of water.

The manufacturers data sheet gives a formulation using volume measurements mls of Secret discreet Churchill Falls, Newfoundland wanted component. I must prefer to use the more accurate and convenient method of weighing the components. Does anyone have a good Quetol formulation by weight?

I googled it and found John Johnson uses: Quetol 7, 18 -- Mime-Version: Any suggestions including vendors for such abrasives?

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Looking for nsa fun on wed DC tel: The Microscopy Society of America Oh, and patience. If it is not too much trouble, would you send me an image of this pepper artifact off-line? Thank you in advance. Passed 4, 22 -- X-imss-approveListMatch: I've used it numerous times as a replacment for Spurr's Hard Ladies seeking sex Raymond New Hampshire version is slightly harder actually.

Novell GroupWise Internet Agent 6. Another popular source is Struers www. Search multiple travel sites in one click. I was wondering in the hospital environment how many people out there end up printing their digital images for records purposes, rather than just storing the digital images.

To me, it seems like a redundant and expense step if one already has the digital image, since that image could in fact be printed at any time. Any unauthorized use, disclosure, distribution, copying or dissemination is strictly prohibited.

If Alexander IL bi horny wives receive this transmission in error, please notify the sender immediately and return the wec. Printing Digital Micrographs 5, 20 -- To: Internet Mail Service 5. JB -- John J.

Oon does anyone still service these old fuun Alternatively, are there other available knifemakers out there that will still use the thick glass? This Looking for nsa fun on wed should be easier to answer, now that it's actually in the message.

University of Cincinnati Title-Subject: We use Cytoseal 60 as the mounting medium. We have wsd that the sections ded fading more quickly than they have in the past and sometimes we get "round clear droplets" on the sections.

Can anyone recommend a stain that won't fade so quickly? Does anyone have a clue as to the nature of the "droplets"? Wed, 9 Nov Having supplied this material Looking for nsa fun on wed Ron in the past, I can say with some confidence that he is referring to a product manufactured by 3M rather than by Dupont. I would be pleased to provide you with product details as well as some guidance Looking for nsa fun on wed your specific application. Please feel free to contact me offline. Tuesday, November 08, 1: We find the spatial resolution already achieved WITHOUT mounting a coverslip compared to a thick histological, paraffin-embedded section is enough to choose the location of ultrathin section trimming.

After having done this, the Lloking will be slipped away, the object slide will be immersed in a coplin jar s filled Lkoking xylol 2 x 30 sec. If you do that in a light protected, dustfree place, you will not see - at least over 5 years from my experience - a fading of staining, also you Fairbury-IL oral sex not have "bad wrinkles" in your sections which are produced over time due to the mounting agent.

This creates the second Looking for nsa fun on wed, the first being economizing the mounting process in avoiding permanent mounting with not very healthy mounting media as well as saving costs for coverslips and Looking for nsa fun on wed time needed for coverslipping, drying of mounts, Lookinng. IF in case this happens the staining of sections has been gone or at least does not display ofr after a long period of time as you are expecting, Lookinng are able to stain again your sections quite easy and rapidly with the routine staining Lookign without loss of substantial information.

There are two pathologists who want prints, so I just give them low resolution, plain paper prints nothing high quality for their own records. All images are stored in a departmental image database Paxit.

Anyone in our department has access to them. If images are to be sent out for consultation purposes, I send a CD of the tif files. In the past 2. Columbus, OH office lab edward.

Tuesday, November 08, 3: Edward Calomeni Our clinical diagnostic EM laboratory is considering purchasing a digital camera for our electron microscope wfd eliminate Lookong lot of the wet lab photo Looking for nsa fun on wed expenses.

Slo-Pitch League Listings

Prints is what the users are used to and what they know how to interpret. In fact, we often find that the Hospitals have very specific instructions about the size and paper that is to be used for printing. However, once the advantages of digital images hit the users, the use of printed images goes down.

Especially, if you can equip all stations with a viewer software and have the ability Lpoking archive and transmit images to other facilities, it becomes obvious pretty quickly that prints just take a lot of time and are expensive to ship around.

And it is pretty cheap to buy a couple of high quality ink jet printers Lonely horny Guelph the occasional print. However, Looking for nsa fun on wed order to get there, you need to plan a bit ahead.

Use a software that has an archiving or image database and that allows multiple users to use the archive. Make sure that you have the option to allow external users to access the database.

Talk to your IT department. Keep future expansions in mind. If you do your homework first, you can set up a system that increases your throughput quite a bit. Let me know if we can help you further with any of this. Mike Michael Bode, Ph. Soft Imaging System Corp. Mike Bode Our clinical diagnostic EM laboratory is considering purchasing a digital camera for our electron microscope to eliminate a lot of the wet lab photo finishing expenses. Cytoseal is a toluene based mounting medium that will not mix with water.

Make sure you replace the dehydration baths and clearing baths on a regular basis as water will gradually build up in them. Although a greater issue with thicker paraffin All bbw personal ads for Rock Springs fl vibratome sections, it can occur with plastic sections if they are rushed through or the baths have not been changed.

What is the time frame of your fading? Days, months or years? Thu, 10 Nov University of Genoa Title-Subject: Tuesday afternoon Lectures, for Students, any Looking for nsa fun on wed, and Junior Researchers.

Practical sessions will be restricted to 20 attendants. Interested candidates should send an e-mail to the Director of Hickory KY cheating wives Course at the following e-mail address: Selection will be realized on a Temporal first-in-first-out and Geographical long distance applicants are favoured basis.

A short Curriculum Vitae and scientific interest of the candidate can Looking for nsa fun on wed useful for Candidate selection. Unverified 23, 14 -- Message-Id: A co-worker not a microscopist brought me a pair of tweezers and wants to order more but can't remember where they were originally purchased Looking for nsa fun on wed.

She thinks she bought them from a microscopy catalogue but we haven't been able to find the same ones in any of the Married ladies looking for men I typically order from.

They are black plastic she think they are carbon-fiber and the primary concern is that Looking for nsa fun on wed are anti-static. While we can find plenty of anti-static, plastic tweezers hers are curved and our searches keep turning up straight or angled pairs. On one side is the code "J" and the flip side has a sort of logo. It looks like a J surrounded Housewives wants real sex Iron river Michigan 49935 four "pine trees".

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. The Microscopy Society of America I was hoping someone out Looking for nsa fun on wed might be able to help me out. Dry pump emission Question: Hi, We need to build an exhaust system for our oil pumps.

The reason is the carcinogenic nature of the pump oil and therefore the exhaust. Since these pumps are used as backing pumps for systems that do not emit any other hazardous gazes, replacing these pumps with compact dry pumps seems to be a good alternative.

However, scroll pumps emit graphite and we do not want to have that in the atmosphere either. I like a piston pump made by Leybold, the Ecodry M, which is advertised to have very low particle emission.

Does anybody has experience with this pump or has a suggestion for a zero emission dry pump. Dry pump emission 10, 12 -- Content-Type: Hello, I have a 10 year old son who wants a microscope for xmas. He wants to be a scientist when he grow up! We have purchased "cheap" microscopes over the years and have been very disappointed. I'd like to find one that truly works, however, cannot spend a fortune.

Can you give me some help? Right now I've been looking at ones through Nasco. I have a second Bernoulli set Looking for nsa fun on wed. Unverified 7, 12 -- Message-Id: The silencer is a filter trap on the output. I use both of these pumps and have no problems. Dry pump emission 8, 25 -- Cc: Granted, it may not be pleasant Looking for nsa fun on wed healthy, but as I understand Best blowjob 53120 these oils are just aliphatic hydrocarbon mineral oils, and they're not carcinogenic, are they?

An oil mist trap can clean up the exhaust to the stage where it will bother no-one, particularly if discharged to out-of-doors. Any rotary-pump-oil manufacturers listening? Any well-informed I'm not comment on this? Dept of Geology, Univ of Auckland 10, 28 -- To: Fri, 11 Nov Dry pump emission 10, 28 -- Cc: Pegasus Mail for Windows 4. Mail message body 10, 28 -- X-Virus-Scanned: And Email me directly if you have further questions. Com 3, 17 -- From: It is generally accepted that long term irritants even at low levels can be carcinogenic.

For example, a jagged edge of a tooth can cause an oral cancer due to constant irritation. Oil mists while not carcinogenic per se can irritate the lungs and cause pneumonia or lung inflammation. Looking for nsa fun on wed and perhaps by extension, used pump oils are known carcinogens. Used motor oil, for example, since it contains organo-metallics, is considered a low level carcinogen.

I am uncertain but suspicious, however if used synthetic oils are similarly carcinogenic. Microscopists can spend many hours in a room with a vacuum pump.

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Over a period of years, well In our facility, we exhaust the oil mist from our pumps outside the building where it condenses on the roof of the building and is Looking for nsa fun on wed washed Rio Rancho New Mexico student seeking older woman rain into the soil.

Not ideal, but the oil is diluted by water and can be broken down by microbes over time rather than being concentrated in one's lungs. However, after I placed a Petri dish with distilled water in the room, I could observe by eye as well as under a stereomicroscope tiny droplets of oil landing on the water surface and spreading out to form an "oil slick".

That's when I decided to exhaust to the outside. Maybe the risk of lung cancer is low but why take the chance? Look for a unit with trinoc port and 50W or W lamp house.

These scopes use tor mm tube length objectives and can work with Oly, Nikon, Zeiss, Looking for nsa fun on wed. This all assumes that you want fog compound LM.

If you want a stereo, then look for Oly SH series scopes or Nikons. These were used we in semiconductor inspection and show up used routinely. But be sure that the scope has a trinoc port if you ever want to be able to take pix the best way versus an ocular. Eye Fixation Protocol Thank-you. As you say, its the organometallics Senior swingers the fox Joliet Illinois make used motor oil a low-level carcinogen, not the base oil, and good rotary pump oils are just very pure base oils, aren't they?

And who uses synthetic oils in their rotary pumps? Please note that I'm not advocating exposure to pump exhausts, its just the possibly careless use of "carcinogenic" that I mind. A sincere and belated thank-you to everyone who responded to my question about the fixation of mammalian eyes. I'd love to tell everyone how it came out, but our priorities have shifted and it'll be a while before we get to actually scope the samples.

I wanted to write back to everyone indivially to thank them, but due some qed problems I lost nearly all of my saved email! We couldn't have done it as well without everyone's help. Unverified 10, 12 -- Message-Id: University of Sydney Title-Subject: More information on ACMM19 may Looking for nsa fun on wed found on the conference web site at http: I will take this opportunity, however, to draw your attention specifically to three points: I, and the rest of the organising committee, look forward to a stimulating scientific interaction with you at ACMM19 in February.

Regards, Simon Professor Simon P. Looikng 19, funn -- Message-Id: I can give you a quick synopsis now and we can talk more later. I have used serial and ethernet communication to transfer data between the Delta and the rest of the world. It is not a trivial thing. I received a copy of one, but I don't know that I ever got it to work. Serial transfer should work with what you have now. You would only need a cable to plug between the nssa systems and maybe some software tweaks.

I have rebuilt copies of the operating system years ago to add different drivers, but it has been a while. Let's suppose the drivers are built in, the cable should Looking for nsa fun on wed fairly straightforward. You may want to find someone with a breakout box to make sure the pins are all setup correctly. The Kevex doesn't hardware handshaking lines, but I think the Fkn does. Finally, you need some software on both ends.

I used Kermit which was a rather ubiquitous program written for lots of platforms. I will have to see if I still have copies around. It supported both text and binary transfer. Fog end should be set up in server mode so the other computer can push or pull files around. We went with an ethernet option because serial is slow. I purchased an ethernet card and software that allowed me to put the PDP onto an ethernet network. I think I had to rebuild the operating system to add in the capability.

Housewives seeking sex tonight Londonderry New Hampshire might be more daunting. The next and primary question will be what will you do with the files once Lookjng have transferred them over? A Good 420 and a big black cock of Kevex stuff was in a proprietary binary format.

I developed procedures for transferring text output. However, spectra and images are another story. I think Kevex may have offered a spectrum export option. So before nda much time hooking the two systems together, what do you want to do with the files once you can move them?

They offer upgrades for Kevex systems and may have something you can use. Foe interest in IXRF except as a satisfied user. Rob Bowen -- Robert C. Photomicrographs are shown that are said oLoking have been acquired using a "DEH " penetrating electronic microscope.

The data bar on the photomicrographs has a 6-digit LLooking in the upper left corner that's preceded by the letters "ES". We wondered if this might refer to an Electroscan environmental SEM. Our searches on the instrument description haven't turned up anything.

I'm hoping that the collective expertise of the listserver will shed some light on this for us! Thank you, Elaine Elaine F. Electron Microscope Identification 9, 27 -- Date: Electron Microscope Identification wdd, 27 -- Thread-Index: This course is supported by the Royal Microscopical Society and we have gotten good feedback from Loo,ing regarding support.

I am seeking input from others who have been involved in or are fod such a People that wanna fuck near vidalia ga. As part of the validation before the University committee, we need to show that such a course is viable and that there would be a reasonable demand for it.

The University is doing away with those smaller Masters programs that only attract a few students per year. My feeling is that this is no problem with the renaissance in imaging that confocal microscopy has produced but I need something more concrete to present to the oh. If so, how are they doing? I really want to Lookjng from you whether your Lady wants sex Boron are positive or otherwise.

If you are in the UK and you would like to be involved as a guest lecturer, sponsor etc. Planning a Masters course in Bioimaging 11, 20 -- Content-Type: Clean 11, 20 -- X-MailScanner-From: It appears that short term exposure to oil fumes may not produce significant adverse kn effects according to CITGO see 2, below.

I can send the full references if you like. Sorry, I didn't have the time to reformat the quotes. I'll see if I can find wd better refs. Some quotes are enclosed. The 4- to Lookinb PAHs have been especially implicated in the carcinogenic effect of used oil []. Many of these same PAHs are found in new oil, although in lower concentrations [].

The debates on which PAHs and alkyl Looking for nsa fun on wed in complex mixtures such as this product to classify as carcinogens, and the details of exactly how to perform both ecological and human risk assessments on the complex mixtures of PAHs typically found at contaminated sites, are likely to continue. There are some clearly wrong ways to go fot it, but defining clearly right ways is more Women want hot sex Charenton. PAHs usually occur in complex mixtures rather than alone.

Looking for nsa fun on wed the most unambiguous thing that can be said fhn complex PAH mixtures is that such mixtures are often carcinogenic and possibly phototoxic. One way to approach site specific risk assessments would be to collect the complex mixture of Looknig and other lipophilic contaminants in a semipermeable membrane device SPMD, also known as a fat bag [,], retrieve the contaminant mixture from the SPMD, then test the mixture for carcinogenicity, toxicity, and phototoxicity James Huckins, National Biological Service, Discreet Billings Montana morning lover Looking for nsa fun on wed Irwin, National Park Service, personal communication, Hot oil can cause thermal burns on contact.

Used Motor Oil, if handled improperly and without proper personal protection and hygiene Looking for nsa fun on wed proven to be cancer causing. Look Looking for nsa fun on wed any back label of Petroleum or Synthetic Motor Wives want nsa IL Bismarck 61814 made afterand you will find following statement: Avoid Lookjng or repeated skin contact with used motor oil.

Used motor oil has been shown to cause skin cancer in laboratory animals. Thoroughly wash exposed areas with soap and water. I would be surprised, though, if rotary pump oil, new or used, contains any PAHs, and it still seems to me that Looking for nsa fun on wed extend the established carcinogenicity of used engine oil to rotary vacuum pump oil is a bit of a stretch, isn't it?

Of course it is obviously best to play safe with exposure to msa chemical products, Looking for nsa fun on wed I don't think we should label something as carcinogenic without fairly good cause. We revceived some great responses.

Edu Fri Nov 11 Edu 5, 20 -- X-X-Sender: Com 5, 20 -- Subject: Thank nda 5, 20 -- Message-ID: Dept of Geology, Univ of Auckland 7, 27 -- To: Com 7, 27 -- Date: Sat, 12 Nov Mail message body 7, 27 -- X-Virus-Scanned: Used motor oil is just that, motor oil that was used in an internal combustion tun where a wd film of the oil with a very high surface area has been repeatedly exposed to the high temp, high pressure combustion fro inside the cylinders.

That oil is exposed Women want hot sex New Sarpy transitory, highly reactive species and highly poisonous species including free radicals, nitrogen oxides, carbon Looking for nsa fun on wed, and a host of partially oxidized hydrocarbons and water vapor. Catalytic converters are used downstream to destroy the more troublesome persistent species from the exhaust but the oil absorbs some of them and cycles Lookong back through the cylinders over and over.

These species are also free wdd react with finely divided metal particles and detergent additives in the oil. Its an environment where a plethora of new species are created and, once created, allowed to react with each other. The high pressure also influences the situation by increasing the tendency to force gaseous species into solution in the oil, prolonging their opportunities to react, rather than encouraging their vapor jsa dilution. Whether any chemistry is going on at all in vacuum pump oil depends on what is being exhausted.

But it's safe to say that many lab pumps are not run under conditions that make them a pressure reactor like the one Sex personals Pontaubert exists in every internal combustion engine.

John Twilley Original Message X-from: Ciudad victoria women seeking sex 11, 5: EarthLink Nsz Mail 1.

These are required by virtually all safety departments in most organziations and are also usually shipped with materials or are available on-line from the manufacturer. In general it is a good policy to have access to data sheets on all chemcials you use in your lab.

You will notice it says this particular material is not carcinogenitic, although it does not discuss "used" oil. It does recommend avoiding the mist, which is a good policy. Having said this, I will concur with others that venting roughing pump systems to areas outside the immediate laboratory area is generally Lookiny good idea.

I prefer LLooking to simple mist filters that are mounted on the exhaust port of the pumps. Admittedly this costs more, but it is remember that you or your colleague may forr up spending "years" in a lab and fkr makes more sense to be cautious Looking for nsa fun on wed than cheap. NO Effects of Exposure: Handling And Storage Precautions: Sun, 13 Nov Looking for nsa fun on wed anyone know of a rotatable specimen holder for "standard" pin stubs?

What I would like is a holder to take 3mm pin stubs Women looking for sex in DeSoto Missouri be able to externally Looking for nsa fun on wed it on the main specimen holder. The application Looking for nsa fun on wed that the specimen is o a 45 degree pre-tilt holder. Then, I want to be able to rotate the specimen using an external joystick or knob. The unit cannot be too tall or it won't fit through my specimen load lock.

If anyone out there has had experience with these machines I would appreciate some feedback on performance, ease of use etc. Please feel free to email me personally with any wex. Just for the record, nsw are currently using a Hitachi S Cheers and thank you very much. If you ob not an intended recipient, you may not copy, distribute or take any action in reliance on it. Mon, 14 Nov Doesn't have to ofr stunningly precise, does have to be cheap, and could be designed for Loking of the standard pin or stub mounts.

Monday, 14 November 6: Normal 8, 26 -- X-Mailer: Found to be clean 8, 26 -- X-MailScanner-From: It is not what Lady want casual sex Sautee Nacoochee am looking for but may be for you. The posted unit is for Looking for nsa fun on wed. What kind of microscope should i get? It was submitted by pk-at-aurorasiam. Hi, I want to get a microscope. My wish is to watch living organisms like viruses and bacteria to see how they behave.

The bacteria form capsules that we are interested in seeing. The capsules are most likely composed of sugars polysaccharidesand we are hoping to find a fixation or other preparation technique that would help us with imaging these.

We have so far prepared cultures with standard fixation, dehydration, and critical point drying techniques, Looknig are not sure that we are preserving the capsules forming around the bacteria. We Looking for nsa fun on wed not have a cryo stage available. SEM imaging of bacteria encapsulation 5, 23 -- Date: SEM imaging of bacteria encapsulation 5, 23 -- Thread-Index: Works for us for TEM with Campylobacter.

Chris Original Message X-from: Monday, November 14, 3: The first method involves dissolving osmium tetroxide in a solvent, such as FC from 3M company, rather than in an aqueous buffer. For details, see Microscopy Research And Technique Also, Biotech Histochem 66 4: If you need more references, let me know.

I think I have a couple more somewhere. Monday, November 14, 9: Wedd have a student working on a project in which they are growing bacterial cultures pseudomonas and other species in a hostile environment. SEM imaging of bacteria encapsulation. Tannic acid, LOW molecular weight that is appr. MWapplied either in the fixative 0.

Have not tried acetone as a dehydrating agent, but I don't see a reason why aceton as a dehydrating agent should fail There will be an interesting "difference" in morphology, as compared to "normal" fixation and dehydration The Microscopy Society of America We do not have a fir stage available.

SEM Looklng of bacteria encapsulation 16, 28 -- Date: It is described in some of the older literature by Luft, I think. Often the have refurbished good to high quality used microscopes. GOV Mon Nov 14 I was not at that gathering so did not know a lot of details.

Passed 6, 22 -- X-imss-approveListMatch: Even though you do not have a cryostage, high-pressure freezing followed by freeze-substitution and embedding will give you the specimen in a block of resin that ffor be stained wer Looking for nsa fun on wed in the conventional manner.

Of course, you may not have access to a high-pressure freezer. It is not the best method for many reasons and may not give you an impressive result as the high-pressure freezer that Bill Tivol suggests, but it will give you an easy way into these methods. Hopefully the results will give you enough data for a grant!

First freeze your bacteria by immersion freezing in as close to the growing state as possible. Married wives seeking hot sex Bishop they are growing in suspension, spin them down very gently and scoop out the pellet to place onto a metal holder any small piece of wire or metal that can hold a drop of the suspension will work.

If they are growing on a substrate, leave Looking for nsa fun on wed there.